M&K Sport Coach is an authorized dealer of Renegade RV motorcoaches and trailers.
Custom luxury motor coaches with sophisticated design and styling create the ultimate “home away from home” experience.

True renegades discover their own roads and rebel against the status quo.

What kind of Renegade are you?

Featured RV's

The Renegade Explorer


The Renegade XL

Renegade XL

The Renegade Verona LE

Renegade Verona LE

The Renegade Verona

Renegade Verona

The Renegade Valencia

Renegade Valencia

The Renegade Veracruz

Renegade Veracruz

The Renegade classic

Renegade Classic

The Renegade classic sportdeck

Renegade Sportdeck